Working IN your acting career

Working IN your acting career means that you and coach Angeline will work together on your acting and creative skills, rehearsing and expanding your skill set where necessary.

With Actors’ Career Coaching, you can be an inspired and motivated professional performer: an actor who presents exceptionally and is always audition-ready.

During our coaching sessions we will work on your:

  • Acting technique – We will expand on your current performance skills so you can become the best performer you can be.
  • Voice and movement – We will free your voice and physicality to allow your character exploration and development to shine.
  • Cold reading – We will develop your reading skills so you can pick up any unseen text and deliver it as if you had rehearsed it 100 times before.
  • British accents – We will work on a range of British accents so you have a strong repertoire to call upon.
  • Audition monologues – We will choose suitable pieces for you to build your own personalized monologue portfolio, and choose the best piece for each specific audition.
  • Rehearsals – We will work alongside your rehearsal process so you can achieve the best experience from your rehearsals and directorial feedback.
  • ‘The run’ and ‘Action’ – We will enhance your knowledge of theatre and set etiquette. We will utilize techniques to keep your performance fresh on stage and screen throughout your performance period.
  • Dealing with ‘the knocks’ and non-industry folk – We will explore strategies that aide you in dealing with the hardships that come along the way as well as how to explain your career choices to those who aren’t in the industry.