Working ON your acting career

Working ON your acting career means you and coach Angeline will work together to refine and build the business side of your acting career.

During our coaching sessions we will analyse and perfect your:

  • CV – We will format your CV into its optimum presentation to help you get into the audition room.
  • Headshots – We will seek quality photographers and analyze your choice headshots. We will discover the best ways to utilize your additional portfolio shots.
  • Showreel – We will work on how to collect your footage and create the ideal length of reel with the optimum balance of genres of work. Most importantly we will ensure there is ample screen time featuring you that displays your strengths.
  • Social media – We will discuss and refine your professional profile and where it’s displayed, and work on what to update and when.
  • Casting websites – We will look at the best casting websites that work for you and refine your profiles.
  • Agents – We will contact appropriate agencies and work on getting you represented by an agency that fulfills your career needs.
  • Personal website – We will work on creating you a great website at the right time in your career which has a brilliant layout and design, and appropriate information about your performing work.
  • Finances and day job – We will look at ways for you to supplement your acting income by complimenting your skillset and availability.
  • Career development – We will create a personalised, tailored action plan so you can steer and focus your career development.