Act Now

During this uncertain and restrictive climate, it can be hard to know what to do in regards to your acting career. 

NOW is the time to work ON your business, networking and marketing skills so that when the industry recovers, you are ready and visible to casting professionals.

We all have a To-Do List for our acting careers and the related admin, marketing and business side of things. This list, however, can be overwhelming, confusing and de-motivating when there seems to be just so much to do.

With the help of Actors’ Career Coaching, you can convert your To-Do List into a Done List – we can work together to help you tick off all those items that you’ve been thinking about doing and/or just simply haven’t prioritised.


ACT NOW – How it works

In the 25-minute, ACT NOW phone coaching session with Coach Angeline, we will:

  • Visit your ‘To-do’ list
  • Explore what you can practically achieve on your ‘To-do’ list during these challenging and restrictive times
  • Create 3 tips – personalised to you and your career journey – on how you can take action on this list and grow your acting career over the coming months

Investment: AU$69

Where: By phone/WhatsApp audio

When: Anytime that suits you and your schedule!

How: Email Coach Angeline at to book/find out more