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5-Day Intensive Screen Acting & Showreel Scene Course 

  • Enhance your screen acting skills
  • Learn more about the screen acting industry
  • Work on script analysis and character preparation & development
  • Rehearse, shoot and receive TWO fully-edited. broadcast-quality scenes for inclusion in your next showreel


Day 1untitled-2

On-camera practice

Learn screen etiquette and vocabulary

Analyse great screen work

Receive your two scripts

Day 2

main-tips-to-prepare-yourself-for-an-auditionScene rehearsals

Discover how to analyse the world of each scene

Explore your characters’ motivations & developments

Create a great backstory to your character and the scene they are in

Receive informative feedback on your scene rehearsals

Day 3 & 4 cropped-man-and-woman-with-a-hand-holding-a-film-slate1.jpg

Shoot your showreel scenes on set with a professional crew using industry-standard lighting and sound equipment

Participate as crew when you’re not in front of the camera


Day 5

Group of four people watching TV - 3Watch back your 2 fully edited, broadcast-quality scenes

Discuss and receive feedback on your performances

Understand what makes a great showreel

Take home your 2 filmed scenes – plus rushes


After the course

Receive a 30% discount off your showreel editing services when you book an Actors’ Career Coaching Showreel Editing Package within 30 days of the course

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